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What is Evolve-A-Bot?

Evolve-A-Bot is a video game that puts the user in a virtual world and starts with a "locked room" mystery.  As you play the game, you have to figure out how to use the things you find and how to operate robots.  You activate a machine called the Evolver, where you create, edit, and evolve FLOMs, synthetic organisms.  As the FLOMs live, they become more complex and develop software that can program robots.  The user then puts robot programs together to get things done.

What am I getting?

You are purchasing the game as a download.  It will install on your computer and then you can run it at any time.

Do I need to be online to play?

No.  Once installed, the game works regardless of whether you are online or not.

Does this program collect information about me or my computer?

No.  The program does not collect any information whatsoever.  We do not need to know anything about who you are, where you live, what you do, or what you are interested in.  We just sell you a game, you play the game.  No strings attached.

Is this a monthly subscription or recurring charge?

No.  This is a one-time purchase for the game and nothing more.  The total cost is just $6.99.  You will not have to pay anything more after that.

Which download should I choose?

That will depend on which operating system you use.  If you use Windows, choose one of the Windows packages.  If you use Linux, choose a Linux package.  Mac/OSX users, choose one of those packages.  Your best choice is the larger package because it is a full installation with everything built in.  But, if you have limited bandwidth, you can choose the smaller packages.  They will download the files they need from the Carnegie-Mellon website, the home of Panda3d.  You will have to be online for the program to install in that case.  You do not have to be online once the program is installed.
Is this game available on tablets or phones?

At this time, no.  The number of contrrols and the details make it difficult.  However, we are working on a portable version.  We hope to have it ready soon.

Download the game manual here

The game that uses evolution to produce complex robot programs



$6.99, recommended for ages 12 and up


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